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Orange and Cinnamon.

To all my crystal lovers out there! This one’s for you.

Luna’s Crystal Bath Salts are the ULTIMATE remedy for pure relaxation.

Stressed? Sore muscles? In need of some self-care? Enter Bath Salt.

This luxurious blend of magnesium flakes, salts and essential oils not only smells amazing but works to relieve muscle tension and stress. Leaving you relaxed and completely Zen. Lavender and chamomile oil work beautifully together to calm the mind and sooth the soul.

Every bath salt is infused with its very own raw, Carnelian crystal. If you're in need of a hype man, look no further than Carnelian. This stone is a must have to give you that boost, providing courage and confidence. It also clears the mind, opening up space for creativity and energy. So let's just say if you've got a big project or event coming up, you'll want Carnelian by your side. 

*NOTE* This is a oil based product. It is normal for oil to gather at the bottom of tub. Product will still dissolve into bath. Keep lid tightly closed to avoid drying out. 

How to use:


Remove the crystal from your bath salt. Rinse with water to cleanse your stone. To re charge, leave it out under the moonlight every full moon.


Scoop 2-3 handfuls of salts into your bath. Mix salts in and wait for them to dissolve. Now sit back, relax and Zen.

Ingredients: Magnesium flakes, Epson salts, sea salt, orange valencia oil, natrasorb bath, polysorbate 80, fragrance oil, mica.

*This product is Vegan and Cruelty free!

*Completely hand made 

*500g - Double the size of a standard tub!

*It may smell good but please, do not ingest! 

*Each crystal is intuitively chosen and may differ in size to picture. 

NOTE: Our ingredients are all gentle but everyone's skin is different! Be sure to do a patch test before using this product, especially if you have sensitive skin ♥

Avoid contact with eyes and face.