♡Welcome to Sugar Monster♡

Sugar Monster is a local, Anime inspired beauty business based in Adelaide, South Australia

We hand make sugar scrubs and natural body products that are vegan and of course smell delicious! Every scrub contains skin friendly ingredients that will leave your skin beautifully soft and smooth!

Sugar Monster is for those that aren't afraid to go against the normal beauty standard. It's for those who want to stand out!♡

Founder MATIAH's love for anime is the reason Sugar Monster exists! "I have always been a creative soul, being a musician and producer I love making original content. Anime has been a huge part of my life since I was a kid and I always knew I wanted to create something in this world. I also grew up always making my own beauty products! DIY has always been the way for me and so one day these two words collided and Sugar Monster was born"

All the designs are original and created by MATIAH to show that beauty products don't always have to be the same. You can love something a little different, a little quirky and still feel beautiful♡