Welcome to Sugar Monster!

Sugar Monster is a brand new, local business based in Adelaide, South Australia.

We hand make sugar scrubs that are vegan, cruelty free and of course smell delicious! Every scrub contains skin friendly ingredients that will leave your skin beautifully soft and smooth!

"I created Sugar Monster because I've always had a love of making my own beauty products. And I wanted to share that with everyone. I've spent a long time developing this range until it was perfect! And I hope people will love them as much as I do. But I also wanted to show that it's okay to be a little strange. A little different. Because we're all unique in our own way. Every Sugar Monster that I designed is a little weird and quirky, not something you usually see on beauty packaging. I'm here to say that it's okay to stand out. That you don't have to 'look' a certain way to be accepted in today's society. I want to show people that they can be their true authentic selves, even if that isn't like everybody else. I want to create a community of people that aren't afraid to stand out and be different. Just like my Sugar Monsters"   - CEO and creator Matiah x

You can be part of the Sugar Monster family too! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and use the tag #sugarmonsterscrubs to share your experience. Because you deserve to stand out!