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♡Ready for a fruity fusion? Meet Akane! The face of his summer inspired room mist. If you're a fan of pineapple, papaya and mango then this mist is a must have in your collection. This scent will bring your room to life giving a vibrant, beautifully scented touch

Hand made, vegan and cruelty free. 250ML - double the size of your standard spray! Designed to make any room smell incredible


♡Spray in any room anytime!♡

♡Do not spray directly on objects or furniture♡

♡Avoid contact with face and eyes♡


♡Always read ingredients and do a patch test before using this product♡

♡Not intended to be used as a body spray♡

♡If irritation occurs - discontinue use immediately♡

♡It may smell good but please, do not ingest♡

♡Make sure lid is SEALED when not in use to ensure longevity♡

♡This product is ALL NATURAL so only intended to last 1-3months if sealed correctly♡ If not sealed or taken care of product will dry out♡


Distilled water, fragrance oils, emulsifiers, Polysorbate 20