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♡In need of a Sugar Fix? Miss Ami's Fairy Floss Body Scrub has got you! She may seem sweet but don't underestimate this pink treat! For those that love the real deal and want their skin to smell the EXACT same! With this scrub, you'll be the sweetest one in the room 

♡500G! - Double the size of your standard body scrub. Hand made, vegan and cruelty free PLUS infused with essential oils and a gentle exfoliating base - this scrub is a must have for smooth, incredible smelling skin


♡Best used in the shower or bath once skin is wet♡

♡Apply a palm sized amount of scrub to desired area and scrub gently♡

♡Rinse, then follow up with your favourite body wash♡

♡Enjoy smooth, sweet smelling skin♡


♡Always read ingredients and do a patch test before using this product♡

♡Do not use on sensitive skin OR places such as face, eyes or Intimate areas♡

♡If irritation occurs - discontinue use immediately♡

♡It may smell good but please, do not ingest♡

♡Make sure lid is SEALED when not in use to ensure longevity♡

♡This product is ALL NATURAL so only intended to last 1-3months if sealed correctly♡ If not sealed or taken care of product will dry out♡


White sugar, raw sugar, olive oil, rose hip oil, jojoba oil, mica, fragrance oils, polysorbate 80